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Use the frontend-template to test your pallet

With your node running, launching the frontend template from the previous module would be a good idea. The frontend template will allow you to interact with the node on a fundamental level while also accessing different functionality through the various pallets, including our custom connect pallet.'

Launch the frontend template

Make sure your node and the frontend template are running:

cd substrate-frontend-template/
yarn start

Quick tour

Located at http://localhost:8000/substrate-frontend-template, you should be greeted with this page (as seen previously). It shows various network statistics regarding your node:

Frontend Overview

Frontend Network

Using this template, we can also interact with our node using the pallet interactor. Be sure to have the ALICE account selected, as it is pre-funded for sending extrinsics:

frontend accounts

Registering a user with the Pallet Interactor

The bottom half of the frontend template features the ability to perform forkless upgrades, the pallet interactor, and an event viewer:

Frontend Pallets

We will use the pallet interactor to register a new user to the network. Select the first drop-down, select our pallet connect, then our register extrinsic in the second drop-down. You'll notice two parameters: the name and bio, which are filled accordingly with text:

Frontend Interactor

Once all parameters are filled, select Signed. This will send the transaction, or extrinsic, to be confirmed in a block within our node.

Notice that the event view immediately emits several events indicating that our registration was successful. The user has been registered, and the balance is locked and stored within the state.

Frontend Events

Later, you should also see this below the pallet interactor, indicating that the network has finalized the state change:

Frontend Finalized

What is signed, unsigned, and SUDO?

These three buttons represent different origins for the extrinsic. If you remember, we used the macro ensure_signed within our pallet to indicate that we expect a signed extrinsic.

Querying state

To query state, make sure to select "Query" as the interaction type:

Frontend Query Type

As before, select the connect pallet, enter the name "Alice" to query the user metadata for Alice, and hit "Query":

frontend Query Registered Users

Congratulations, our custom pallet works!