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Installing & exploring the frontend template

The front-end template is a valuable source that will allow us to quickly verify and test our Substrate chain with minimal interference.


# Clone the repository
git clone
cd substrate-front-end-template
yarn install

# To start it
yarn start

More info can be found at the repository.

The Polkadot.js Explorer

The Polkadot.js explorer is also a great way for developers to get more insight into your node’s operations:

Polkadot JS Main

The image above shows the live telemetry from the Polkadot relay chain.

Once there, you can click the upper left, select Development at the bottom of the menu, select Local Node, and click Switch in the top right:

Polkadot JS Switch

Optionally, this link will also take you directly to it, although it won't show anything if a local node is not running.