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Reserve your parathread

Before registering and uploading your parachain's runtime, you must register a ParaId. Each parachain has a unique ID on the relay chain. The process of a parachain goes in the order of:

In order to obtain either a parathread or parachain, need a ParaID. Note that with the sudo pallet, we can actually skip the parathread stage, as we can directly register our parachain using the parasSudoWrapper.sudoScheduleParaInitialize extrinsic, as seen in the next section.

Different RPC Ports for the Relay and Parachain

To connect to Polkadot.js, you will need to use the following URLs. Ensure both are running before accessing:

Reserving a ParaID

Navigate to the Polkadot.js Developer Console, select the "Network" dropdown, and select "Parachains":

Select the "Parathreads" tab. Per our chain spec, our parachain indicates the ID is 2000. Luckily, the default starting ParaId is 2000, as stated below:

Select Alice as per above, and send the extrinsic. Your parachain can now be registered using that ParaId once the extrinsic is confirmed.